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Kutaisi Airport

There are 3 international airports in Georgia, one of them is Kutaisi International Airport. It is also known as Davit Agmashenebeli Airport or Kopitnar.The city of Kutaisi is 14 kilometers away from the airport, the distance from Tbilisi is 200 kilometers, and from Batumi it is 106 kilometers.Kutaisi Airport fully meets modern standards. The length of its runway is 2600 meters. After the completion of the rehabilitation works, the airport continued to operate. The opening was attended by the President of Georgia, the Prime Minister of Hungary and the Chief Executive Officer of Wizz Air. The purpose of this airport is to create a competitive environment, affordable prices for airtickets, to make Georgia a very active tourist area and to allow local passengers travel to different destinations at the lowest possible price.

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Benefits and Services

Kutaisi Airport is equipped with the highest quality navigation and meteorological systems. From the mentioned airport, flights are made by Wizz Air to Europe, Pegasus Airlines to Istanbul, Red Wings to Russia, Belavia to Belarus. Due to its location, Kutaisi International Airport is a key transport hub in the region. There are favorable climatic conditions and infrastructure. The flight can be operated in any weather. The airport can serve 600 passengers at a time, receive two and leave three flights. In 2012, after the rehabilitation of the airport, the flow of passengers increased significantly. This is mainly due to Wizz Air flights from Kutaisi to Polish and Ukrainian airports. The year 2023 was named as a historical year during the existence of the airport, because it was this year that the record number of flights was recorded. There is a cafeteria in the airport both in the departure and arrival halls.As for transport, two companies - Georgian Bus and Omnibus Express - transport passengers from Kutaisi Airport to the three main cities of Georgia (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi). The transportation schedule to and from the airport is adjusted to the flight schedule of Kutaisi International Airport. Taxi - there is an A2B/"Georgian Bus" taxi stand at the exit of the airport terminal building. Among the special places reserved for people with disabilities.

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